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The aim of the department is to correct and restore the deformed forms of tooth structures due to developmental and acquired diseases, restore tooth function and esthetics, and most importantly to implement the principles of preventive dentistry, which will take measures to prevent the recurrence of pathology. New scientific formations, such as dental diseases, operative or restorative dentistry, cariology, protective dentistry for the resolution of specific dental problems related to aging with the increase in human life span, are also evaluated in the field of Dental Diseases and Treatment.


Especially in recent years, new concepts such as “adhesive”, “aesthetic”, “cosmetic” dentistry are represented all over the world by Dental Diseases and Treatment Departments.The education and training activities of the Department  are starting practically and theoretically in the second semester and continuing practically and theoretically in the third semester. Clinical internship programs are applied to 4th and 5th year students.