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The Department of Pediatric Dentistry was founded by Prof. Dr. Bedii Küçüküçerler in 1963 and began to provide services at the Vocational School of Dentistry under the Faculty of Medicine at Ankara University’s Cebeci campus. Refan Konak was appointed as the first research assistant in the department which began to serve with only 3 units, later on, Leyla Durutürk, Hayriye Sönmez, Şaziye Aras, Tezer Ulusu — who is also the founder of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at Gazi University — and dentist Nilgün Uluözyurt began to work at the department as research assistants.

In 1973, the Vocational School of Dentistry became the Faculty of Dentistry, and in 1975 it temporarily moved to the building of the May 27 Girls’ Dormitory in Kızılay area. In 1977, the department moved to its current building in Beşevler district, serving with 6 dental units. Currently, the department has a total of 25 dental units, including a pediatric sedation unit.



The most important mission of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry is to adopt the importance of oral and dental health to the children who refer to our clinic during infancy, childhood and adolescence periods and to provide them preventive and treatment services in the best possible way. Department’s teaching and administrative staff exert maximum effort to this end.

The department offers deep sedation technique applied in the presence of an anesthesiologist for children with dental fear and anxiety; children who are physically and mentally challenged, children with chronic diseases, or for healthy children alike. Other surgical tooth treatments are performed under general anesthesia.

Our mission towards the 3rd, 4th and 5th-grade students is to equip them with the knowledge and skills to treat child patients in the most appropriate way.

Our 5th-grade students visit schools for health programs in Ankara in order to cement their theoretical training in preventive dentistry methods.

In postgraduate education via didactic and clinical practice, keeping up with scientific innovations is the most important criterium the department adheres to. The practical side of our postgraduate education program teaches the treatment of healthy children in clinical conditions as well as the treatment of special patient groups in clinical or general anesthesia conditions.

As the Department of Pediatric Dentistry, we are proud to have gained a prestigious national and international reputation for providing the best education and services for our students, as well as for the scientific studies we have made.

Following the retirement of Prof. Dr. Leyla DURUTÜRK, Prof. Dr. Şaziye ARAS and Prof. Dr. Hayriye SÖNMEZ, who are major contributors to our department, the department’s teaching staff currently includes Firdevs TULGA ÖZ, Zeynep ÖKTE, Şaziye SARI, Levent ÖZER, Nurhan ÖZALP as professors; Tuğba BEZGİN as an associate professor; and Burcu Nihan YÜKSEL and Akif DEMİREL as postdoctoral research fellows.