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1963 – Started service under the name of Oral, Tooth and Jaw Disease and Surgery with 1 professor, 1 expert, 3 research assistant staff and 2 units under the Dentistry High School.

1966 – The Minor Operation Room was opened.

1967 – 10-bed Jaw Surgery service opened in the Faculty of Medicine. Thus, the first bed service in Turkey was established in dentistry.

1977 – Started to serve on the second floor of the Faculty of Dentistry, which was moved to the building in Besevler.

1983 – Following the publication of the Hosapital Bed Service Regulation (1981) of Ankara University, Faculty of Dentistry, our bedded service department was opened.

1990 – With the renovations, the second floor was all belonged to the Department.

2011 – The name of the department was changed to Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Department with the decision of YÖK.


Therapies made:
Tooth extractions, abscess treatment, impacted tooth operations, apical resection, biopsy, vestibuloplasty, sinus lift, alveolar correction, epulis extraction, conservative and surgical treatments of jaw fractures, conservative and surgical treatments of jaw fractures, cleft lip-palate surgery, alveolar and maxillofacial distraction osteogenesis, orthognathic surgery, conservative and surgical treatments of temoromandibular joint disorders, oral diseases and mouth diagnosis and treatment of lesions

Clinical; Patient’s examination, tooth extraction is applied.

In our local surgery; Under local anesthesia (or conscious sedation + local anesthesia) impacted tooth extraction, dental implant applications and minor surgery operations are applied.

Oral and maxillofacial operations mentioned above are performed under general anesthesia in our general operation. In addition, tooth extraction is performed under general anesthesia of patients with mental or systemic handicaps.

Our bed service; the patients are provided with care and treatment before and after the operation.

Our department is continuing theoretical and practical education under the supervision of our faculty and research staff of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students in our department.